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Tensions commonly exist between landlords and their tenants simply because both sides often don’t understand the complex web of laws, regulations, legal rights, and responsibilities that apply to both of them.  Landlords must follow dozens of laws relating to many complex legal issues, such as: licensure, housing codes, building permits, occupancy requirements, mold prevention, and heating regulations.  The consequence for a landlord’s failure to comply with these laws can be significant; everything from losing the ability to collect rent to civil fines and penalties.  The good news is…Landlords do have the right to collect the rent that the tenant agreed to pay, deduct the costs of repairs for damage caused by the tenant from the tenant’s security deposit, and to evict the tenant if they fail to pay rent or abide by the terms of their lease.  The Priore Law Offices can assist landlords in all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship, ensure their compliance with applicable laws, and protect their interest in their property.

Tenants with the state of Minnesota have a right to a space that is suitable for human habitation, which would include things like: running water, electricity, heat and protection from the elements.  Landlords have a duty to their tenants to keep the entire leased premises up to applicable building, fire, and safety codes including all common areas.  Tenants are also protected from discrimination by landlords.  These, and many other, complex legal issues can leave some landlords confused about the law, which often adversely affects the tenant’s rights.

Whether you need help understanding your legal obligations as a landlord, assistance with collecting rent or proceeding with an eviction action or having difficulty with getting a the landlord to make necessary repairs, turn on the heat or facing a wrongful eviction, the Priore Law Offices attorneys can assist you.